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Separating fact from fiction regarding a matrimonial home

When you and your spouse first married, you probably didn't ever want to think about the possibility of splitting up. However, you may now be facing a reality in which a separation and/or divorce appears to be the best option for your future. One of the biggest questions that you may have is who will have the right to continue to live in the home you share with your spouse.

The trust in estate planning

Estate planning can be complex, but the concept is relatively basic — you want to leave clear instructions as to what you want to happen with your assets after you die. Of course, you really don't want to think about dying, but if you don't want to leave your loved ones in a mess when it comes to your worldly possessions after you depart this planet, taking some time to plan your estate is doing them a favour.

Are the consequences of a winter injury spoiling your summer fun?

Winter conditions in Ontario can cause many hazards for pedestrians on public and private property. Are you suffering the consequences of a fall on an icy and slippery area when you went shopping? Do you know that you could hold the property owner or occupier liable for your damages? Although it is your obligation to walk with reasonable care, the owners or tenants must ensure you do not encounter unanticipated hazards.

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