Niagara Falls Civil Litigation Lawyers

A dispute between two parties can easily become complicated and involve many different lawyers. As disputes quickly become complicated, the costs and time associated with resolving matters will quickly rise. If you are involved in a dispute, it is in your best interests to retain legal representation as soon as possible. When you retain the services at our law firm, our team will immediately begin to work on resolving your legal dispute.

We at Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP have served the Niagara region for more than 125 years. Our firm has a widespread reputation for providing quality legal services. We work together with our clients throughout the legal process and take an assertive approach to resolving legal issues.

Litigation Lawyers Representing The Interest Of Clients Throughout The Niagara Region

We represent our clients at all stages of litigation, including appeals boards, tribunal hearings and more. At any point when our clients require advocacy, our lawyers are ready to step in and take initiative in resolving your legal matter. The lawyers at our firm undertake a wide range of legal matters, including:

As experienced litigation lawyers, we at Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP understand the importance of taking a tactical approach to resolving a legal dispute. We evaluate the details of a case from a comprehensive standpoint, so we can quickly identify the most strategic way to reach a favourable result.

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Initial consultations can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. To schedule a meeting with one of our Niagara Falls civil litigation lawyers, please contact us at 289-271-0005 or 800-491-0147.